If you choose to have a playoff in your league, MFS will use the number of playoff teams setting to determine the playoff structure. Based on the number of teams in the league, MFS will determine if any teams should be on Bye during the first round of playoffs. The remaining playoff teams will be seeded based on a combination of whether or not they were a division winner and/or their position in the standings (determined by best record and tie-breaker rules, if applied). The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team; the second-highest team will play the second-lowest seeded team and so on. In subsequent rounds, the bracket will stay fixed or will be reseeded to continue pitting the highest seed against the lowest seed. There is a playoff configuration option that allows the commissioner to make this determination.

Configuration options that affect the structure and behavior of playoffs:

  • Reseed playoff teams after each round - the playoff bracket is generated at the beginning of the playoffs with the lowest seed playing the highest seed all the way through. If an upset should occur, this bracket will only change when this setting is ON. When it is On, the brackets are shuffled to reseed the teams to continue pitting the highest seed against the lowest seed.

  • Allow Wild Card Slot For Highest Scoring Team - when On, if the highest scoring team n the league doesn't already own a playoff spot, the last playoff spot is awarded to this team.

  • Two-week Playoff matchups - in the dropdown for the number of teams that make the playoffs, there is an option for 4 Teams - 4 Weeks. This means that 4 teams will make the playoffs and the matchups in the playoff bracket will last 2 weeks each. The combined total or each team over the two-week match will be totaled and compared to the opponent's total to determine the winner.

  • Toilet Bowl - you can use this option to give the teams not making the Playoffs a chance to play post-season games. You determine the number of teams that play in this bracket and it will emulate the normal playoff brackets.