1. Only those players on your starting roster will accumulate statistics, and thus, fantasy points for each of your league's categories. Each Bench player stats are tabulated and his points are displayed, but they are not added to the team's final score. They could factor into a tie-breaker though.

  2. Each player is only eligible to play at the position(s) he is listed at, unless special configuration exists that include "flex" or "swing" positions, such as, WR/TE, RB/WR, XP or OP. A player's position is determined by the NFL team and that information is passed along to us in the team's roster file that we receive from

  3. All managers can set rosters for weeks in the future by going to that week on their team home page and making the needed changes. However, all future lineups could be reset if a current player is dropped or traded, or if a new player is added to the current roster. So, if during Week 2, you submitted a roster for Weeks 3 and 4, but then pick up a free agent for Week 2, your future lineup changes could be reset even though they had been saved earlier. You will still have a completed roster, it just may not reflect the changes you made before you altered your team's players. So, we strongly advise you to update your roster on future weeks, if they were set in advance, when you add/drop players or process a trade.

  4. If your league is configured with a Injured Reserve slot(s), you can only place a player in that slot if his Health Status matches one of the allowable configured statuses. Once the status changes such that it no longer is allowed in that slot, you will not be able to make lineup changes until you remove, or replace, the player in that slot.

  5. Health statuses are provided by the NFL on a weekly basis and generally are not released until a day or two before the game. Currently, the NFL requires a team to report a “practice status” during the practice sessions, but these statuses are completely unreliable. Health statuses have turned into quite a game for NFL coaches and we can only report what is given to our stats provider by way of the NFL teams. We will display the Practice Status so you can have all the information that we get to help you make any roster decisions.