All players dropped from a team's roster are immediately placed on waivers, when Waivers have been configured for your league. During this waiver period -- anywhere from zero to seven days -- anyone in the league can place a Waiver Claim on the player. To find the length of the waiver period in your league, check the League Settings page, which can be found via a link on your League Home page.

If more than one manager claims the same player, the process of awarding the player also is dependent on the configuration in place in your league. The Waiver Processing options and explanation follows:

  • Rolling Waiver priority - the team that is highest on the Waiver Priority List is given the rights to the player. “Highest” means lowest number. Crazy concept, eh? The priority list is initially set based on the reverse of the draft order. Each time you add a waived player to your roster, you are pushed to the back of the list, so the team with the lowest waiver priority will always be the team that completed the last successful waiver claim. This "rolling" list stays in effect for the entire season. This option is used as the tie-breaker for the other options, so it is tracked any time waiver processing is used.
  • Total Number of Moves - the team with the lowest Number of Moves is awarded the player. If the teams vying for the player are tied with the Number of Moves, the tie-breaker is the Rolling Waiver Priority.
  • Worst-to-First - the team with the worse record is awarded the player. The priority list is based on the current standings and is reset each week when the standings are updated. When waiver processing begins for the week, the order will act like a rolling list. Your current position on the waiver priority list will be displayed along with your league standings. If the teams vying for the player have the same winning percentage, the tie-breaker is the Rolling Waiver Priority.
  • Highest Bidder - when placing a Waiver Claim, you will be asked for a Bid amount. The team with the highest Bid will be awarded the player when the claim is processed. If more than one team bids the identical highest amount, the tie-breaker is the Rolling Waiver Priority.

If you place a claim on more than one waived player at a time, each pending transaction will appear on your Team Home Page along with its current position in your waiver order. All new claims get appended to the end of the list, but you can alter this priority by clicking on the Edit Priority link after the last claim and changing the priorities in the box provided. If nobody claims a player during the waiver period, he becomes a free agent.

MFS allows the Commissioner to configure the day/time that free agent players are put on Waivers, if at all. Transactions involving individual players can occur any time until that time occurs. It would be wise to know when/if that time occurs in case you need to pick up a free agent. If you attempt to acquire a player whose game has started, or are dropping a player whose game has already started, your transaction will not take effect until the following week and you will not receive any stats for him in the current week.