You can trade players with one other team or you can build a complex trade offer involving multiple teams. A trade consists of one manager exchanging a player, or multiple players, with another manager(s) in the same league. To propose a trade, go to your Team Home page and select Propose Trade. This takes you to a page to select the team(s) and player(s) you wish to trade. An email will be sent to the other manager(s) offering your proposed trade and will appear on the Team Home Page of the teams involved in the trade offer. That manager can then go to his/her team page to view the proposal, accept it, decline it or make a counter offer. There must be consent from all managers involved in the trade proposal for a trade to be completed as well as Approval, based on the Trade A. If no action is taken within 10 days, the offer will automatically be canceled.

If your trade is rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of that result. If a counter offer is made, you will receive an email detailing the new proposal. If the offer is accepted, the entire league will be notified and managers/Commissioners can review the deal. The ratification/approval process depends on the league configuration. The trade may be processed immediately. The Commissioner could have veto power for the length of time chosen during configuration. The Commissioner may also opt to allow managers to vote on pending trades. Under these conditions, a trade will be vetoed if declined by the configured percentage of managers in the league. In the world of MFS, you do not need to be registered to vote. Voting will not affect your status for Jury Duty, so please, exercise your right to vote. Lack of a vote implies consent.

Unbalanced trades may require the team receiving more players to specify “drop” players so as not to exceed the maximum roster size. If the team receiving more players when the trade is processed happens to have a roster sufficiently under the maximum size, no players will be dropped. The team receiving more players is always asked for conditional players to drop when the trade is proposed, even if they are currently under the maximum. It is the roster size at the time the trade is processed that counts. MFS needs contingent drop players to guarantee that the trade will be processed successfully so the roster size stays intact.

Players can only be involved in one pending transaction at a time. So, even if a player has been offered to a number of teams, once any one of the trades has been accepted, no other teams can accept a deal containing the same player. Once a trade is accepted, all trades offered involving those players are automatically deleted. In addition, if a player involved in any trade offer is dropped, all trades involving that player are automatically deleted.