Both Head-to-Head and Points Leagues will have access to the same customizable scoring system options. However, each individual league configuration could vary drastically depending on which categories it utilizes and how it assigns point values for each player’s performance. Fantasy points are awarded based on how well your players perform in each of several statistical categories. All real-life statistics have associated point values and each starting player's points are added together to produce your weekly fantasy total. For example, let’s look at a running back (RB). Let’s say in your league a RB receives six points for a touchdown, one point for every 25 yards rushed and two points for a two-point conversion. On a given Sunday. Matt Forte scores 2 touchdowns, rushes for 75 yards and has 1 two-point conversion. He would score 17 [(2*6) + (75/25*1) + (1*2)] fantasy points for your team. All players earn fantasy points for each of your league's categories. You do not receive points towards your final score for players on your bench even though a total for each bench player is shown on your team player page and can be used as a game tie-breaker.