Playing Fantasy Football with Maximum Fantasy Sports (“MFS”) gives you the opportunity to create and control your own Commissioner league. Imagine having total control over how your league is configured. With great power comes great annoyance. The joys of being Commissioner include setting all configuration options the best way you can imagine and then listening to the managers who join your league complain about the number of points assigned to kickers or which week you decided to start the playoffs. Our suggestion to you is to find new friends or come to the realization that you can’t please everyone and feel comfortable with the fact that you have built the best league possible. For those of you who are new to Fantasy Football, our advice to you is to understand your scoring system. If you do not, you will have no one to blame when you draft a defense in round 3 and they are configured to be the lowest scoring position. Your goal is to put the best team in play each week since the better your players perform in real-life football games, the more points and value they bring to your fantasy football team. Once you’ve set your lineup and are comfortable with your choices, you can relax and watch your players perform in live games while our service does all the hard work of gathering statistics, computing player and cumulative team point totals, providing real-time scoring updates and updated standings.

To participate in any MFS league or pool, you must have your own personal, unique MFS Member ID. You will use the ID to log into the site. Each league and pool at MFS will have its own unique League ID as well. This will always be a numeric value that guarantees the uniqueness of the league/pool, regardless of the name. Attached to your MFS Member ID is your personal information, found on the My Profile link, such as name, email address and account balance. Your name will be displayed in many places on the site and in sent emails so try to use the name your parents gave you and not one that they would be embarrassed by. We will generate reminder emails for various aspects of your league/pool as well as generate emails to you from fellow league/pool members.

MFS provides a configuration experience similar to what was found "back in the day" when scoring was performed on paper. See the section on Configuration Options for more detail and refer to our FAQs for explanations on how some of the more sophisticated options work. We provide a number of different draft options for building your league and we provide a number of different reports for analyzing statistics throughout the year. During games, you will see real-time results on the League Home page, Team Home page, site Scoreboard and our game scoring control called the Score Zone.