The Commissioner must select a date and time to conduct all drafts but an Immediate Draft. The time it takes to complete a draft will vary depending upon draft selection criteria, such as time allowed for each selection, the number of teams in the league and the number of players being drafted. If you are participating in a live Online draft, go to your league home page within 30 minutes of the start time and click on the Join Live Draft link found out the top center of the page. This link will stay on your League Home Page until the draft is complete. Please arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time as the draft will start promptly and may go quickly if only a few managers are logged in and our computer starts to make auto selections for those not present. 

During the draft, you can view any team's roster by selecting the team name from the Drafted Players drop-down box. A list of how many players have been drafted at each position will appear in a column to the right of the roster. You can also set up a draft queue for yourself. This list of players, which supersedes any pre-rankings and/or default rankings, will be used to make a selection if you do not draft a player during your pre-determined allotted time period. To add an available player to your queue list, select a name from the list of players by clicking on the green plus sign icon. The chosen name will appear in your queue. If you hit the beer mug icon instead, the available player will appear in the draft box and the player will be added to the top of your queue. All of your pre-rankings will be viewable by changing the sort criteria (which can be found in the Rank By drop-down box) from MFS Rankings to Pre-Draft Rankings.

You'll see a number of indicators when it is your turn to draft. Your team name will appear in a box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen, your team icon will turn green and the player selection box (On Tap) will turn green as well. To draft a player, select an available player from the Player List or your queue. The chosen name will appear in the draft box and the player will join your team when you click on the Draft button. If you do not draft within the allotted time, the computer will automatically give you a player based on your queued list, pre-rankings or our default ratings (if you have not queued players or submitted your own rankings list). Once you click the Draft button, you cannot "undraft" a player, even if there is time left in your allotted selection period. The Commissioner does have the ability to Undo draft picks if you alert him fast eough. To see which player Maximum Fantasy Sports would recommend based on our default rankings, click on our “Suggest a Player” button. The player's name will appear in the draft box. Click on the Draft button to select that player. 

To chat with other managers during the draft, type your message in the League Huddle entry box and hit “Send”. All messages will appear in the League Huddle draft day chat box. Draft choices will also be shown in the League Huddle chat box. When the draft is complete, you will see a message telling you the draft is over. To see the complete draft results, go to your league home page and select Draft Results. All of the selected players will be listed under the name of the team that drafted them.