All players not currently on another manager’s roster, who have cleared waivers, are free agents and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can pick up or drop players by simply clicking on the Add Player or Drop Player links located near the top of your Team Page or going to the Players link. Free agent players that are picked up will immediately be added to your bench for the current week if they, and the drop player, have not had their game started for the week. If either of those players' game has started, the free agent will be added to the team's roster on the following week. When you select a player to be added, MFS allows you to pick an open position in the starting lineup to slot them into when the move is completed. If there is a no open slot in that position, the player will be added to the team's bench. You can drop players without replacing them, but you can only pick up players without dropping anyone if you have less than the maximum number of players on your roster. You will never be allowed to purposely exceed your league's roster limit unless you successfully hack our software. We do offer Injured Reserved positions that can hold players if they meet the designated injury category. Players in IR positions do not count against the roster maximum. Once their injury category is no longer suitable, the player is rejected from the IR position and you could find yourself over the roster max. You will be forced to drop a player to make any line-up changes when that happens or to move a different player into the available IR slot. 

If you drop a player from your roster when making any roster change, he will immediately be placed on Waivers, unless the Commissioner chose not to use our Waivers option. Assuming a player is dropped and your league uses Waivers, no one will be allowed to add the player until after the waiver period expires. Before the start of the season, all undrafted players could be placed on waivers, if configured as such, and will not be available as free agents until the waiver period has expired. See the Rules section on Waivers for more information and always know your league configuration!