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The owner is selling at a fraction of its worth to a committed owner.

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Unique Features

  • Full season, Daily Fantasy leagues, Weekly Fantasy leagues and even Monthly Fantasy leagues 
  • Period-by-period player change option that allows league members to strategically change players for each quarter or half to maximize performance at a position or to recover from in-game player injuries. This feature can be turned on from week one or at any other point in the season the Commissioner chooses, such as the beginning week of your league playoffs. 
  • Bye Week rollover – allows team owners to designate a player's game stats be rolled over to the following week (only available before the start of the player's game the week prior to their Bye week). 
  • League Average provides a second opponent for teams in Head-to-Head leagues to match up against on a weekly basis. The score for this “team” is the average score for the week of all teams in the league. 
  • Private Head-to-Head and Total Points leagues are available as one-season or Keeper leagues. You can specify the number of players to retain and set the max contract years in your Keeper Leagues. 
  • Private Survivor Pools, Confidence Pools, Pick 'em Pools and Squares pools are all free at MFS and each has their own unique configuration options. 
  • Flexible Waiver Processing options allow the Commissioner to set up waiver processing however he/she chooses, with the ability to override the processing day for any week during the season.

Additional Advanced Features

  • Trade Draft picks with fellow league members prior to the draft. 
  • Intelligent Autodraft Logic uses player and position pre-ranking input from each manager to allow our autodraft engine to make the best player selection decision for you on draft day. 
  • Use of Injury slots to move players to the Injured Reserve should their injury designation match your configuration. 
  • Additional starting positions allow your league to venture beyond standard positions. We offer separate Defense and Special Teams positions, individual QBs or Team QBs, swing positions that are a hybrid of WR/TE, RB/WR, any offensive position (QB, RB, WR or TE) or an extra player, which is a slot for any configured position. 
  • Advanced Configuration options that include locking rosters down at the start of first game or as each player's game starts, assigning points by range, granting bonuses within ranges (both of which allow you to pick the range), restricting specific bench position, and many other settings. 
  • Public Fantasy Football leagues and Pools are offered by MFS with a variety of league settings and payouts. Free fantasy football leagues are offered as well. 
  • Multi-Team Trades allows 2 or more team owners to engage in the same trade. 
  • Test Scoring Application that generates an input screen for entering stats for starting position and scoring category to test your configuration settings to make sure they generate the scoring system you prefer. 
  • Toilet Bowl option that allows you to designate how many non-playoff teams you want to participate in the loser's playoff.

Site Demo and Stats

For sale is an innovative fantasy football website that provides advanced functionality which allows members to configure private fantasy football leagues (free and pay) and/or join public fantasy football leagues (free and cash prizes). MFS provides public fantasy football leagues of various duration; daily fantasy football leagues, weekly, monthly, full-season and across multiple seasons (“Keeper” or “Dynasty” leagues). In addition, MFS offers NFL Confidence Pools, Pick 'em Pools, Survivor Pools, and Squares Pools. No fantasy league website offers In-game player changes, Bye Week Rollover or the flexibility that MFS has in its league configuration. No DFS league website offers Monthly leagues and few sites offer full-season AND Daily/Weekly leagues AND Pools Members create and own fantasy teams made up of actual NFL players and compete against other league owners with points awarded based on the game performance of the actual NFL players that week. The business has grown to over 79,000 members with very little advertising in a market that is growing exponentially. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that there are 75 million people playing fantasy football games this season. This site has an iPhone application and an Android application and has white-labeled the website for other companies that is easily repeatable. There is an Administrator dashboard which allows for the launching of articles, advertising, public leagues, editing Tooltips, Rule and FAQs, and much more without IT involvement. MFS has built a custom Sports Social Network used by the Lingerie Football League until it re-branded. It is wholly owned and ready for re-purposing to help build a true sports social network. You will find overview documents for that idea attached to this listing. MFS hosts private and public fantasy football leagues (daily, weekly, monthly, full-season).     


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